Friday, June 19, 2015

Windows 10 preview decisions... decisions

Just recently and true for most if not all Microsoft OS users is the opportunity to upgrade for free to Windows 10 when it comes out around July 27. Decisions, decisions.... I finally got used to Windows 7 ultimate and Windows 8.1, does it make sense to upgrade to Windows 10 and report bugs for a year? Ubuntu and other linux distros do it, and certainly Cortana seems like a nice addition to the usability of Windows if you are able to use your voice. For me though I am still unsure whether to upgrade, it seems to me, that it might be worth waiting for the boxed edition of Windows 10 and save yourself some computer crashes or worst case bricking your combo tablet or pc.I actually modded Win8.1 and have got quite used to  Windows 8.1 and rather like it, although it's missing Cortana. Windows 10 preview seems to indicate that the user start menu is better, although to me it looks like a nightmare of Win8.1 but that seems to be pre-release. It offers added security apparently and the ability to have 4 desktops. but in my opinion it's risky and might mean losing data and important files. As with Win8.1 backwards compatibility issues, there is likely to be the same for Win10, and unless you are planning to use virtual reality and a 3d printer, to me Windows 10 seems risky and for the birds. Like most things I accepted the offer to upgrade, but I wonder how good is the memory management of 10, is it customisable? What is the operating system using,DOS floating point or some new version of Winlinux? Questions... questions. I think I might wait and see what people report in bug form for Windows 10, and just what exactly will change, for instance will my Wifi printer still work, will it talk Samba shares better with linux, and will it run games, and be more like an Xbox, I personally liked Microsoft Store and the games etc, I want more info on the minimum and optimal memory and processor requirements, for the OS, and just what guarantee if any that my computer will not fry under the intensive pressure of a new OS. and whether the updates will bloat my hard drive with added time constraints...

Till next time, enjoy

Monday, May 18, 2015

Overclocking and speeding up CPU and GPUs

Recently I had the opportunity to speed up some computer speed using my old IBM R32, an archaic machine that has an old Pentium IV processor, came across a useful tool called Powerstrip which sped up the GPU Ati Mobile Radeon GPU which has only 16MB of Graphics Core, with approximately a slight manufacturer safe over-clock, the machine has a new lease of life, and can run older games, and run the web and graphics a little more smoothly.

For most people this is something that is best left to the bench-markers and specialists out there, but for me, this old brick was so slow and constantly upgrading itself, it became slightly slow, even doing Windows maintenance tasks, and using the infamous old Win XP, I found that the computer, seems to be running well and typing well, using Windows maintenance tasks, and a Ram disk.

My suggestion if you over-clock is to do some testing and get a CPU and GPU temperature program, that will tell you whether you need to fan the notebook, or whether the machine will fry under pressure. In some cases the over-clocked graphics card will actually make the fan and CPU run cooler, but Powerstrip should only be used with extreme caution.

Most people I have met when their computer slows down, assume that it is a hardware issue, however some would be surprised to find that the software not the BIOS can over-clock and this is something rare and unusual depending on your set-up. Of course if you have a tower you need to protect the motherboard and so forth from dust, I recommend vacuum from a distance as you tweak your hardware, because the dust can grit into your fan, unless you have a heat sink for a peripheral which in that case, could cause a fire worst case.

Until next time, signing off from Camp Davo and happy computing!


Monday, February 2, 2015

End of Summer Blues

With Summer in Sydney going fast, and the silly season in full flight, it seems that people are scratching their head and saying where did Summer go? Could it be because of Tony Abbotts' direct action environmental policy, the rain in Sydney and NSW seems to have subsided for now? The Kookaburras and the Wallabies, still run their course, the trees, sway in the breeze and occasionally fall on power lines.
Days turn to weeks and years, and time flies, with all the meetings and schedules, perhaps some people are looking for a new form of happiness, or celebration.
Whether you use Twitter, Facebook, or some other social networking platform, there seems to be a need to meet and talk to people face to face. Just who do we meet, and what do we do with our time, is it effective, and reflective? Most people these days shirk from parties, and go to the gym, or have an occupation, which sets me apart from the norm. I don't expect people to empathise with my views, and in some cases you can agree to disagree.
Important to me, is the fact that shoes need cleaning, and that some methods of shoe deodorising are not effective.
Some people are so caught up in the moment, they forget to breathe and this is something I need to make it out of this world having made a difference to those that know the real me.
Just what exactly is making a difference, and contributing to the community society and global brain? Do we need to choose our own views, and television programming, or play more computer games, spend more time with family, or do we need to do more exercise, meet new minds, and listen to our iObject or Phablet?
A typical day, wake up around 5:30am, go back to sleep, get disturbed by the birds, and then have breakfast, plan the day, and perhaps start a walk and have a green tea, with a hint of lime. Then turn the phone on, and wait for the absence of call service from Vodafail, and update all the computers, with the latest security patches and updates.
For me this seems too stagnant, yet it makes life reliable, or provides the illusion of reliability.
If you don't drive, you catch a bus into the population and walk around the shopping centre or mall if you are American Canadian. Then if you elected to stay home you get a new friend request on Skype from a "hot and horny", hooker, or closet sex agent trying to get you to use some private link to view all sorts of "Daddy wouldn't approve", content.
I am glad and thankful I can compel my limbs to move, and can plan the next day, and the next, and the next after that. Surely with all the prayer and time, reading bible quotes, and contact with the community and animal therapy, I can lay claim to my own private Utopia. Yes I enjoy being ordinary and avoiding what ordinary people avoid.

L8r stranger.


Saturday, September 20, 2014

What does spelling and punctuation have to do with Fashion?

In view of Joan Rivers Ref: Wiki and Robin Williams Ref: Wiki passing away in 2014, I have total respect for their lives, and I believe the world mourns for their loss. I remember watching Jumanji, Aladdin, Fashion Police, Night at the Museum, and Red Carpet award critiques on E just to name a few examples of their presence and how it was broadcast here in Australia and abroad.

Therefore in this blog article, I have decided to delve in to the intricate fabric of fashion and ostensible writing of knowledge of fashion, fabrics, and particularly - menswear. Now most of the time, I am in a pair of joggers, and tracksuit pants, or pants with room for activities like Yoga and Tai Chi, I think that the classic Chinese outfit for these activities known in the following site examples... what to wear for Tai Chi seems to indicate what I mean vaguely, for me this is hard to find, particularly in a foreigner size, this size issue has meant I have improvised and opted for a western look Western options for Yoga such as this example from Myer, although I must stress that the model for the previous link is showing a great deal of upper body and slightly too tight fitting, which I would never do, or contemplate in public. When choosing clothing - I always want something that is durable and wears well, doesn't pill or lose threads, and is comfortable when doing some walking and transportation activities.

Back to Robin Williams: I personally feel sad for his loss, an amazing actor who managed to do some fantastic stand ups, he was popular, and this means, who will entertain us now? Justin Bieber Ref: Wiki, Miley Cyrus Ref: Wiki? I think we have more options than just music, surely and hope we can embrace gaming and wildlife. After watching the film Underdog only recently Imbd ref for Underdog movie, the world and fashion seems to have shifted into a state of wanting a Superhero, and that seems to be evident for the moment.

I hope your pants don't split when you next do your Pilates Ref: Wiki , Yoga or Aerobics class. _ was here.

Gotta run,


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My review of the movie "The Rover"

Guy Pearce is fantastic in this film, a story set in some fictitious stage in Australia and the outback, where guns are plenty and life is cheap. I began the day at Circular Quay Dendy cinema, and met my dad, where we watched this drama, for approx 108 minutes.
I found this film entertaining, witty, and had some great acting in it, with especially, the plot seemed to leave the viewer wondering, whether the film was crazy or something like that.
The cinematography was special, and had plenty of special effects around guns, and shooting, and was surprising at stages, with what the cast and crew had done with a relatively short film.
This film I would see again and again, because there are little aspects of the film that make it interesting, but this film would not be for everybody, because dark humour is how do you say, esoteric...

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Bird-man

The birdman, he lives down the street, with his how can I say - birds. They squawk and parrot all day, but the birdman doesn't mind. He's used to their communication methods, and mannerisms, he cleans their cages, and feeds them, even let's them breed.
So the birdman was born, perhaps four years ago, and even though there be dragons, the birdman, started to think, who's going to protect these birds, from sea eagles and snakes, cats and all sorts of predators.
The birdman began doing Tai Chi and Qi Gong, learnt from reputable sources, and like a parrot learnt some routines, then the birds, began doing Tai Chi as well!!! The birdman was astounded, have I stumbled across a connection between Tai Chi and nature, I think this is called Tao, but the birdman just used the web to find out...
Slowly the flock began to grow, and eventually the birdman had to find names for the members of the flock, Yosemite, Vista and Chicago, they were the 3 boys, and Strider, Mandy and Gold Emerald, and Miranda Flappy, the birds let the bird-man know when their names suited, they were intelligent!!! Ha so the bird-man, just lives as part of the flock, he looks after the birds, and is always looking to make his flock larger... 
When the ship goes down, you better ring Bird-man....

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dance music, and music in general, can it be performed and enjoyed drug free?

It's extremely hard these days, to convince die harder, that it is possible to enjoy music, and appreciate music, which traditionally is performed whilst under the influence, as sober minded individuals, such as the question is asked, are there any cool dance venues in Sydney which have a drug free ideology? The following is an example of what a great many artists and musicians feel about their art and the need for altered states of consciousness, almost like a religious ritual into melodic and trance out experiences, and certainly, you don't even have to consider contemporary music, but looking at all music, has there been a connection to altered minds, both compositional and appreciation, Drug Forum on Music appreciation seems to think, this concept.
It has come to my attention that this could be seen as an exception in say the gym, where a melodic mix goes in the background of your physical workout, or riding a bike listening to an iPod or record store. But where can these translations go to a community of fellow minded individuals and miss out on the sleaze of someone off their face beware the ides of Closed down venues..., and also the possibility of some young adult mistaking you, a 108kg straight male, for a prom queen lesbian, or something when the night has just begun, where for, does one go to listen to their iPod library or similar music, without the deejay terrorism, of hip hop hooray and gangster beats, where can you find the pure enjoyment of the music, and dance a bit in a cool way, without the chemical militia coming in and saying, it's our right to party, where, can you be safe around places, are there any deejays out there committed to performing straight and safely, with a sober attitude, or any rock bands, for that matter, that aren't strumming the guitar with lines of white powder accompanying back stage?
Some might say, go to your school concert, and you'll find that there, but could there equally be a lesson-ed few of those individuals, that may have come out of the experience without needing to overdose, or vanish into the shadows of the dark arts???
If you are a promoter, musician or dancer, or maybe even a deejay or music appreciator, I'd be really interested in hearing of any venues, if they do exist, out there in Sydney, or in other countries, where there is something else, than a bar to serve drinks, and the dreaded ladies toilets, etc, I wonder, is there any music venue where the toilets are kept clean, and free from people doing lines, on the tops of urinals, etc, that would be nice, I think if we could aspire for that sort of experience with tickets, and festivals, don't you agree?