Sunday, June 17, 2018

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Chill after Cucumber

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Deejaying and experiencing the music

Recently I got to get out more and meet lots of people in October as well as make some mix tapes. A really great month overall, something to remember. With DJs like Carlos Nunes, Anya, Jesse Ferreira, Barry John Kitts and many many people. I came to enjoy the music and positive energy vibrations, and realised how lucky we are.

Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you,


Sunday, June 11, 2017

Self clicked blog reaches around 13000

So far this site has been available to peruse and comment, yet for some obscure reason, and I don't know why, it hasn't got a single comment. I imagine that self clicking mostly has explained the peaks and troughs of the visitor graph, and that there is really an easier way to broadcast than through the computer. Sadly I have put a great deal of effort into this site, and it really is quite antiquated, even the links are not famous or branded, a very "generic" site with little or no eye candy or readability.
I wonder if down the track at some later stage I'll get a comment, like from someone out there, because right now it's pretty quiet.

God bless,


Sunday, April 10, 2016

Windows 10 looking better for tablets these days

Just when I thought Windows 10 was a waste of time, I was surprised to find my Toshiba Encore WT8-A32 tablet update itself in the background, and after changing some update policies in relation to drivers, the camera works again! Well the tablet version of Windows 10 has some parallax problems with closing windows, would be better to swipe away those windows, but ah Windows 10 gen are tablets with features, like Cortana! Great to find Cortana thinks for a while and can do things like check the weather and there is an online tute for new to 10 users. The features of Win8.1 have disappeared like swiping from the right for a search which I must say I miss.

For a brief moment I thought the Wifi connection was better but testing testing, will soon see what comes about with Windows 10 and Cortana and Windows.

I think it's great for the present moment.

l8r N

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Upgrade to Windows 10 inititated

So I made the executive decision to update my Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E431 desktop to Windows 10, the whole process took around an hour to install, and initially I thought Cortana and all those extra features would be available to me. Sadly this was not the case for the Win 10 deployment in Australia. There were some programs that had compatibility issues, and this included Oracle VM VirtualBox, no sound for any of the virtual OS's. I also had some problems with Dolby Advanced Audio, and needed to remove the correctly detected driver(and files), let Win 10 detect the driver and then some time later update the driver, now I have a Dolby control panel without a start up error message.
On the whole the look and feel of Win 10 is impressive, with a new browser Edge, some things just didn't load up because all the plugins and add-ins probably need a re-install, this will need to wait because the other programs are all built for WinXP or 7, 8 or 8.1....

The joys of Win10 come in the form of faster operation, and a better look and feel with the start menu, and most programs function and start up...Goodbye Metro... A nice notification area and a faster multi-taking operation, you still need your offer to upgrade to do it, and of course this all takes time.

Off to sleep now.


Friday, June 19, 2015

Windows 10 preview decisions... decisions

Just recently and true for most if not all Microsoft OS users is the opportunity to upgrade for free to Windows 10 when it comes out around July 27. Decisions, decisions.... I finally got used to Windows 7 ultimate and Windows 8.1, does it make sense to upgrade to Windows 10 and report bugs for a year? Ubuntu and other linux distros do it, and certainly Cortana seems like a nice addition to the usability of Windows if you are able to use your voice. For me though I am still unsure whether to upgrade, it seems to me, that it might be worth waiting for the boxed edition of Windows 10 and save yourself some computer crashes or worst case bricking your combo tablet or pc.I actually modded Win8.1 and have got quite used to  Windows 8.1 and rather like it, although it's missing Cortana. Windows 10 preview seems to indicate that the user start menu is better, although to me it looks like a nightmare of Win8.1 but that seems to be pre-release. It offers added security apparently and the ability to have 4 desktops. but in my opinion it's risky and might mean losing data and important files. As with Win8.1 backwards compatibility issues, there is likely to be the same for Win10, and unless you are planning to use virtual reality and a 3d printer, to me Windows 10 seems risky and for the birds. Like most things I accepted the offer to upgrade, but I wonder how good is the memory management of 10, is it customisable? What is the operating system using,DOS floating point or some new version of Winlinux? Questions... questions. I think I might wait and see what people report in bug form for Windows 10, and just what exactly will change, for instance will my Wifi printer still work, will it talk Samba shares better with linux, and will it run games, and be more like an Xbox, I personally liked Microsoft Store and the games etc, I want more info on the minimum and optimal memory and processor requirements, for the OS, and just what guarantee if any that my computer will not fry under the intensive pressure of a new OS. and whether the updates will bloat my hard drive with added time constraints...

Till next time, enjoy