Thursday, November 3, 2011

Philosophies about Religion and Stephen Fry on Lateline

I managed to watch closely Stephen Fry's deep and together conversation about gays and god and whether god loves us as a deity or theism, of course within Religion which forms art and explanations in holy books, relics and archaeological finds, it seems that since the times of the Egyptians every religion including Judaism is obsessed with the afterlife.  I watched and listened to Stephen Fry in his explanation regarding a tea pot that revolves around the earth as a satellite and believing in it, and whether or not god is responsible for wasps that are born inside peoples bodies and eat them inside out etc.  It is clear that in this life and hence our accomodation here on earth there are forces of good, or perceived evil that take shapes and forms, however my question is that the physical rules of physics and gravity are generally applicable wherever in the universe you happen to land, more importantly the very energy that binds all organisms seems to be able to change from one form to another, could the very rules of energy, sound and vibration have a divine and outside the stage factor, that is the result of a simulation, also could the development of robots and technology be necessitating the need for a robot free reserve for bipeds like Human Beings on this planet and perhaps the very factor of gravity, tides and decay half-lifes be responsible for climate change rather than human beings on their own.  Stephen Fry seemed to enjoy this discussion and I for one listened, however there will always be mysteries, like why are we here at all?  Do we have a right to be angry at god for suffering, and does some religions falsely promise us that god loves us and will always answer our prayers, is there any proof of heaven?  My understanding is that not all things are loving unconditionally and evil is a creation of some sort, whether it be Sodomy or Murder or Failure and catastrophe the entire simulation I see as ultimately an experiment, the question remains is god gay or homosexual, or does god understand and tell all life forms that they are the image of god and are loved?  Does god feel any concerns about our planet in a vast galaxy in a vast and expanding universe, are there life forms and carbon molecules that form in vastly different gravitational and temperature conditions?  Also will robots look at humans as we do now apes, as being their genesis and any imperfections in their design or successes inherent with the ideas of energy and attraction and repulsion in nuclear and chemical bonding.  Does the idea of god and so called evidence saying god loves us misleading, and the fact is it seems for whatever reason god has said to us, I am everything and go crazy?

Sometimes you will pray or be a good person but that doesn't mean you get into heaven reborn or anything, perhaps you are creating an ashtray of chemical equilibrium.  The problem is that many people see themselves as gods, and others see themselves as god servants.  The most recent view is that god is energy that holds the entire universe together as an experiment and as the rules are set, perhaps this cycle we have no choice even though we think we make choices every day.  The idea that god is outside our realm is philosophical and seems to indicate that he is somewhere taking a conscious form where we cannot harm god in thought or deed, because god is familiar with all creation good or evil, predatory or food,  God would most likely be the spider eating the moth, but doing so as efficiently as possible, of course the chill I feel may be that second law of thermodynamics that after a fire expires it becomes cold.  I see god as creation and I feel that I pray but perhaps am qualified to because the larger christian view is to allow evil forgiveness and atonement.  I think people who are gay really aren't the big issue these days or climate change or judgement day, the sad thing is that today we don't even have a cure for the common cold and that perhaps our experiment in this life has happened before and is more predictable and positive than evil, which is allowed to exist.  I postulate that positive energy overcomes negative which is propogating a recurring experience and phase of life of human beings on earth, we make our choices and feel we have free will, but really it all an ILLUSION and thoughts evil or good can reduce or oxidise on this planet.  In terms of consciousness it is more optimistic to think that there is some way of minimising pain here on earth and also that only the strongest survive.

Vomit or constipation is a creative process, and unfortunately we need to educate ourselves about these processes to better understand ourselves but to allow god to see this simulation and taking whatever solutions to the next cycle, or perhaps in some other scenario.

Do musicians like Michael Jackson and others have a view on this and do we find out?  Does melody seem to push the idea of perfection, and is perfection an illusion of materialism?  Whether you pray to Allah, Christ, Yahweh or Jehovah, Lady Gaga the idea that we are protected may be more valid than we think.  The words of prayer and bible to me in their current form are ENCODED, that is that the precise timing of a statement or action is a performance, an art and a form, but overall the rules that mean you can't jump off a cliff and bounce back where you started are realised by trial, error and in some cases death.

I feel that it may be romantic to think that god loves us, all the time, and is responsible for miracles.  Whilst Sodomy, Murder, Bacteria, Spiders, Soldiers and weapons exist they are there because somebody worked something out about this rules in the simulation and were able to manufacture something.  I don't know if I am right or wrong, but I know by my experience that correct and incorrect and illusion and deceit are all cause and effects and we are programming ourselves into a Utopian future if we improve efficiency, standardise consumption, gather energy, transform it and utilise our talents, I just know that mistakes are an eternal concept and the universe adjusts your intention and pays attention to whether you fulfilled your intention, require adjustment or have one unique idea at all to offer creative processes or science and engineering or medicine or justice and philosophy.

I don't profess to know the answers but I am thankful for my life so far and the learning and training I have learnt from other people and books, technology, music, lyrics and artists, who encompass the overall god initiated experiment concept.  It seems that more liberal views these days are sharp and cutting at times, but for these things there are ways and always hope at the core of the human condition.  There will be pain and suffering as there has always been, but so many people are so sure they are right and you can see them walking to their death, but cannot help them, because they won't help themselves, perhaps god feels this way about the ashtray on earth, or the vibrations that become menacing when people act out uncontrollably.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Curing Depression in life and the path you follow

I managed to remember a website that was a great link for depression, Graeme explains his background and qualifications and the depression that started in 2000 or so, for me my depression may have been in existence since I was in the schoolyard.  I want to thank Graeme for his testimony and his book available and website Graeme Cowan's depression website quite structured and honest bares his life and experiences of recovery from depression in life generally, I must say that this site and meeting Graeme made me realise that some people care about being Bipolar and that traumatic events in one's life can test even the most mentally strong of us.

Like Graeme I had acquired a degree, but different in Computer Science and Technology and at the end of my degree I did some work as an instructor for coding and web development syntax and design.  For me whilst professionally my life was crumbling due to my illness, at times I felt calm and collected, at other times sheer and utter panic endured and the complexities of my condition meant that my brain was utter scrambled eggs.  I lost track due to the time isolated in my travels and also the extreme nakedness of my condition.  I felt that no one I worked with really knew the real me, or more importantly accepted my life as something that at times I was lame to do anything, at the end I realised that I was alone and that perhaps some people would think it honourable to kill myself in view of all the teasing and blame that people lumped on me, from a professional standpoint, problems with my upbringing coupled with an intense desire to be excited, in some ways I did not understand the human condition, and all the technology that was available and that work simply negated any chance for physical exertion or stimulated me enough to the point of doing rigorous exercise.

I personally empathised with Graeme, whilst I have not spoken to the media, I am in effect writing this media and it appears in your computer screen as you read it, I write English fluently and am an excellent advisor and technical writer, still elusive was a marriage or belief in some sort of relationship, this then bounced off the walls and came back, why do I dislike some human beings, aliens and big brother?  Perhaps because of the scams and also all the controversy over 'treatment' and 'conditioning'.  A far cry from all of this was a need to further my potential value and to free up a damaged body, I had been in a car accident, and also broke bones in my right arm, also had spinal tapped nerves with Spondilosis and Scoliosis.

I followed the progress of a course run by the Brahma Kumaris, which was a Masters in Raja Yoga, for once I was able to feel connected again, and it didn't involve a great deal of money for a chance to learn about who I am and accepting it.  Brahma Kumaris Head Office
 was a great soul improving process of learning sharing and accepting, realising that despite all the complexities of life and all the rumours going around that we all share something in common and perhaps need to realise what we are before we make any executive decision about ending it all.  For me ending it was a cowards way out, but even more challenging was not ending it and remaining silent, or as close to as possible, I had realised in one series of courses that I must meditate, do a great deal of Yoga and also read, help others, research medical conditions and problems and also learn more about the cycle of the earth and to not be too concerned about all that crap.

This was a huge step forward in my recovery, in conjunction with all the internet psychology available it was a good change in my life, which took one direction, went back in time and resumed from another point.

I believe in taking care of others, animals and nature as well as greener technology and also honesty and honour in business matters and contracts.  I perhaps misred or overlooked many things, and had 'suicidal thoughts', this is common with many people with conditions that are awkward.  I also needed to work on physics as well as chemistry which I believe seems to be a very open book these days.

There are some people who I have not formally thanked, such as Graeme and others, in fact some of the best teachers hurt me the most, it in some way made me realise what weaknesses I had and what strengths I had to forget.

I see a great deal of confusion out there and some people are so hooked in that they are forced to live a life they never dreamed of or even wanted to have, being single as I am has allowed me to focus my attention on exercise, cleaning and hygeine, disease control and management as well as Human Biology.  I believe and I have no book to publish, that rigorous exercise alone will not cure depression on its own, those in pain need to incorporate this into their existing therapy or medical assessments and also research the definitions of words and be non-ambiguous about what you mean, for me communication is the most abused form of giving or getting information and can be incredibly stressful.

If you are reading this now and are Schizophrenic then I would recommend contacting the following centre in Sydney.Sydney Schizophrenia Fellowship here at the Clubhouse you can learn to network and quite challenging accept other people's disabilities perhaps finding where you 'fit in', and whether or not your testimony is transparent or not, or whether you really are giving up.  Hope is something to wear on your wrist because without it perhaps there is no cure for clinical depression or Alzeimers disease, Huntington's disease or Parkinson's disease or mysterious fluey conditions.

On another note I recently stumbled across a great site for travel to South America, if that is your thing. LAN Chile is an excellent start for that trip to Peru or Chile.

Also for great flights around Australia I would choose Jetstar and for international flights I would suggest Qantas Flights for international flights.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

All the information regarding the music and movement, geothermals and quakes

I have recently come across some programmatical changes in the Foxtel Vortex in this area, where is Man vs Wild and whereis UFC? I guess pay per view.  I am also working on eBay shopping but to me honest this only suits retired grandfathers or work at home mothers or workers.

I was chatting to my neighbour who has been renovating their house, and of course getting all the geology tips on volcanic potential.  I then had the worst dream imaginable there were people screaming insanity as the Earths crust turned into fire and brimstone, It had something to do with science or earthquakes or asteroids why this happened, whether it was an earthquake or an Avatar life is beyond me.  Did I see the future, or has it already happened?  I was really upset to have seen it so eerie.

Creepy and slimy, Perhaps Cloud cities are more sustainable than a geo city.  Or are we destined to see a collosal judgement day?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Run Lola Run

This film and soundtrack and plot make the average philosophy student drool, a surprisingly powerful drama Deutche film, the character Manni and his beau are in dire situation, Manni on the run from th police and a crime boss in the area. The film later moves into a variety of meetings in Lolas critical swansig minutes.

This film moves with speed and love changing people and situations.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Cable Television and consumer consumption

I recently noticed that advertising is being displayed on cable television, why is it I suppose when you the consumer pay for the installation and contract that so much advertising seeps into the Foxtel television.

I must admit in spite of all the advertising, switching the TV off or changing the channel becomes your problem, what do I switch to? - becomes a really important question. 
It seems to me that energising yourself with exercise or breathing techniques can change the way you are permanently and the television will proceed with its programming regardless.

Sometimes when impulsive about taking steps you can confuse an add about a program as being the program and then switching, sometimes you have to watch what you don't want to watch or hear or you seem to feel your whole home experience is personalised for your demographic and perhaps because money or getting it right is important for the networking.

I wonder sometimes if web sites like wikipedia and other global brain encyclopedias subject to impermanence can be doubted in Space and Time and therefore the very television you watch could be somehow a lie or a be a distortion of the truth due to communication errors or missing ideas and knowledge, for instance do we believe man walked upright due to China and Indias' plated colliding forming the Himalayas made primitive Homo Erectus turn to Homo Sapians because there was no vegetation and the environment became arid ( Discovery Channel Earth Made documentary Get discovery channel in Australia) or is there any possibility that man was genetically engineered rather than evolved from primitive apes and primates (Genesis revisited)? Buy this book. I am feeling that some ideas and books are questionable and also subject to change and are often unexplained, due to some kind of hypnosis or induced Coma that begs one to question the facts as asserted being misunderstood or complex.  However in some cases such as numbers and systems of numbers have pretty much become a universal language that has not really changed in many thousands of years to today.

I after reading Sitchens' book had a wide eye approach to explain the history of our species and just how did the scribing and mathematics come into being.  As a result of this knowledge and our ancestors we are what we are today, it is really mind boggling.

Does anybody out there agree with latin naming of Homo sapiens as it is or should it rather be Hetero Sapians?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Disability and Educational knowledge

I recently managed to stumble across an ABC article and blog where the subject of disabilities and special education schools was quite well discussed in a forum.  Although it may come as a surprise I myself have sustained several injuries in life, as Fukishima said misfortune is due to negligence or ignorance.  One of the challenges I faced was being heard in relation to some ideas I had around education and also matters relating to privacy and drug and alcohol.

For me my illness was a silent illness that went through a Marist Education perhaps even University undetected.  For me whilst I went to Australian schools in NSW, which are of a high standard, certain aspects of my privelaged education was overlooked.  Say chemistry for instance, at school we were taught about nuclear and atomic bonding and in some respects overlooked the importance of all of this, coupled with intensive physical demands and in some cases after contracting the common cold or influenza and being "absent" from school, I was very lucky to perform well in sport and education alike, perhaps in the years 11 to 12, a great deal was happening with sport as well as the pressure to perform and gain good grades.  I recall hearing recently that often when children perform well at school this may indicate problems the family unit face in relation to accomodation, food and job security, something as a young adult I understood and realised my education was necessary to ensure some hope for myself.

Unfortunately after premature relationships and fights I realised that education includes physical education and that perhaps sports you walk away from are not happy with your lack of a lifetime commitment.

When I was little my father was a soccer coach and referee, he coached me in the skills of soccer and I was quite good at one stage.  However as the pressure increased unfortunately my achilles tendon went and I had to divorce the sport or at least make a kick about now and then rather than pro.  I needed to try something different so I tried Tennis, Swimming, Squash and Cricket, falling short of the Marist view of passing PE meant playing Union or League.

I initially after coming out of school managed to study and study and study.  Mathematics and many other things were available and in some ways the school provided a disciplined environment with art, drama and technical where to excel was more of a personal best, rather than being the best.

When I went to university I had managed to contract a serious bone marrow disorder and then later had several accidents, including spinal and brain injuries.  I managed despite being in emotional and physical pain, tolerate the unforgiving climate and nature of humanity in Sydney, having walked many miles and around Australia, base jumping and 4wding, climbing I managed to fulfill my barely noticeable dream, of course in my life memories and dreams became hard to distinguish, by the time I was ready to work for a large company in IT it was hard to explain to anybody what was going on personally, it was a case that I sensed my errors and adjustments took place.  The thrill of life was at times horrible and like a nightmare.

It took many teachers and counsellors to assist me and for them I am thankful for, the idea that you go inward is not really done much these days.  I decided that my life was really pointless and that despite being technically correct with work and accounts my personal life and health was deteriorating.  Some days I was so depressed I wanted to sleep all day and was trying to forget what happened the day before.  History and lifestyle was important but after some persistence I decided that I needed a better understanding of chemistry, biology and other faculties to on a shoe string budget, complete the job, or research solutions for the state of affairs.

Despite being mentally ill and having stuffed up from time to time, the real question came along, what must I do to survive?  Having made some poor decisions and having been in several accidents I was supported well in this system with particular thanks to my family and all their efforts to invite me to lunch and pay for a meal and give me clothes.  The staff at Wyong and Manly Hospitals are of a good standard, perhaps stressed and overworked.

I had walked around Australia and noticed changes when I left Sydney almost like the Truman Show, I had no idea how my actions and situation would cause a chain reaction all throughout Canberra.  I also had no idea how many dangerous situations or climbs or drop the hammer situations would come along.

So therefore despite being ill I found that with the correct treatment and self healing I could combat and fight the very forces that were behind the treachery I had seen meeting people from all around the world, I learnt that looks can be deceiving and that many other people had problems more severe and emotional than mine, for instance Cerebral Palsy, Insanity, Psychopathology, Aspergers, Autism, Bipolar, Schizophrenia and Schizo-affected Epilepsy, Glaucoma, Cancer, Obesity, Anorexia, Bulimia, Anemic people and the list goes on.  This I had to listen more than talk over, but in some respects I tried to be a patient listener.

Whilst health and sicknesses became more prevalent the technology and money seemed to increase, for my own words came along, "What a tangled web we weave when we first set off to deceive."  In some ways I had to confront my own prejudice regarding the mentally ill and the differences at large which was by logic directed at myself and of course the elimination of stupidity from a very immature mind.  With wisdom came painfully and the betrayal of life and nature unfortunately went ahead, hearing words to the effect that Judgement Day is approaching and the signs of the degeneration was gay marriage.

Having the luck of one friend at a point in time is like a "Friend in hand", you are able to learn things from other people's perspective, unfortunately I didn't realise that I should only believe half of what I hear and that also security and self defence was a key element of which I had allowed to grow tepid.  Later I learnt Tai Chi and Reiki as well as Yoga at various places and owe my mentors a great deal of gratitude.  Not using force became a key part of reducing things to their simplest form and actually weathering the storm of human beings and the anger and hatred.  I had to attempt to turn sadness into happiness etc and may have failed, but I did try and learnt something from the experiment.

I am sure if I could turn back time I would change some things however I would always remember the watch being wound back, in some ways I realised the trinity of my body and the secret chambers of my heart.  I realised that I had overlooked a great deal of knowledge and suggestions, and hesitated, perhaps because I had doubts...

Most days I remain calm and simple, I have a good exercise program and am perhaps now addicted to exercise and self defence more than anything else.  Being single helps a little because it allows education to return.  This returning is like going on a hike getting lost and having to turn back and come back the way you came.  This year is the international year of Chemistry as stated in Deal or No Deal on Channel 7.  I imagine this was just a coincidence that I found a chemistry book and decided to learn about Acids and Bases and Equilibrium and try to explain all the things that are around me.  This was not enough, I still needed to keep fit, watch my diet and make weight.  Unfortunately I was never a very good fighter or reader of people's faces, auras etc and in some ways I seemed to have an opinion about weaponry for instance, some say Why have a weapon when you don't use it?  The answer by induction is a weapon can cause the destruction of earth, hence we don't use it.  Then others would say we have a new perspective on life and the universe based on Quantum Effect, and adding some element of missing objects and probability in the atom, my feeling is Quantum Physics, by adding possibilites rather than certainties made a fool of itself and only proves that in 1945 the bomb, and all nuclear accidents have started that chain reaction here on earth we still feel, at a micro and macro level, human beings on this earth are radioactive in my opinion, splitting apart just like Atoms and molecules.  My belief is that Cold Fusion or Fusion in itself produces more energy, however if affected by fission human beings see the environment or earth as being extensions of themselves.

I would like to thank Discovery channel, Mythbusters, Man vs Wild, Disney and many other programs that have made my education and rehabilitation a important factor in moving forward.  I also would like to personally thank Sally from Leura retreat centre.  I would also like to pay my respects to Bill and Patricia who passed away in the last 7 years.  I would have attended the funeral if my accommodation was more secure.  I also want to thank my mother Chris for helping me get my accommodation and hygiene standard up and all her gardening and health advice and for the coffee.  I again thank my doctors for all the mistakes in my genetic history and consequential management.  I would also like to thank Annie for her invitations to her Hub and Vibes as well as the many individuals I met walking throughout life, most of whom do not warrant exact naming(another time).

I found out after a while that all I need to do is exercise, drink H2O and beer when I think and realise the harsh reality of business and marketing, after attending the Newtown Writers festival I had met Vampires etc and things became rather odd after that.  I understand that the world is a strange place and even say water exploration and scuba diving are the astronauts of today and the future, discovering new types of life, DNA and amazing things which I can only watch and admire.

To all my ex work colleagues and employers I thank them for assisting me and collaborating on successful projects and tasks and "treading water", in the journey across the sea of survival in the 2001 Space Odyssey.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Honesty and ideas around Antioch and modern Christian Beliefs

I managed to pick up Barbara Theirings' book which details a great deal more information regarding Christianity and its beginnings around AD 30-64 and the ideas relating to Pesher derivatives on Biblical matters and holy books.  I managed to realise that around the time of Jesus the man, it was common for the Jewish tradition to be polygamists, and that Jesus himself was teaching that in the role of David he was able to invite the "beasts", i.e. the uncircumcised gentiles into the supper relating to the new covenant between God, ie. Matthew Mark and Jews and Gentiles that began what is realised to be Christian.  Also it was also necessary to define a priest as a man with one wife, not many all living at the same time.  Barbara's ideas which heavily rely on the Pesher derivatives of the Dead Sea Scrolls provides an example of the political landscape of the time with Christianity and Essene Priests in Cyprus with the role of worship.  Of course what continued after that significant time was the decision to have the option of marrying an unbeliever and allowing that unbeliever to divorce for as long as able.  These ideas seemed to show that whoever played the role of a Judaic high priest at the supper or right hand of our human Judgement of how to deal with sinful sick filth was fully aware of temptation in all its forms which for some Christian Gnostic's, the flesh and all senses in the present consciousness.  I personally feel that in todays world and universe, more enhanced and visual stimulus requires a Essene priest quite familiar with all forms of temptation in the time of the significant time in history.  It may be interesting in accepting a deity that created the universe with a definate experiment in mind, or perhaps Geometric and physical rules, all of which depended on what Scientists term a time line and a mathematical theory that explains all the creation from the void.

A time-line could imitate the past with recordings and these days this matrix of people all around the world are judged and limited by what problems remain today which Religiously people term as sinful and debauched lifestyles and a suggestion that for instance due to STDs condoms are required to make one's life safe, despite Roman Catholic teaching relating to contraception of making more problems for mankind.  Television communicates news and entertainment yet still has the power to cause mental breakdowns from all levels of human life, from countries booming today like China and India their ideas on spirituality have been preserved and if possible twisted somehow prior to digestion.

The world today is a completely different landscape, man, women and people and animals of all shapes, colours and sizes for the most part realise the importance of a sense of belonging to something holy, or perhaps a more evolved lifestyle, technology, scientific and religious belief.  What is sad is that man seems to have alienated himself from the universe in which he, she or it lives.  Of course we are told to be aware of climate change, and only recently due to advances in scientific methods and invention in todays terms could be seen by older versions of homosapiens as "magical".  I to this day do not understand how advanced and amazing are electrical appliances and computers,  These days a computer chip inserted in a birthday card to play music for a finite period of time has more processing power than all the computer power of WWII fighter planes.  It is simply discarded into the bin these days.

Those ascribing to a computer science background are observing Moore's law in terms of semiconductor evolution and technology.  Materials and alchemy today due to processing plants, automation and production lines are producing cars which have had AI programs shape lines and curves as well as self-reliant and driving autonomous vehicles.

In the future any Essene priest would most definitely be aware of the WWW together with all the design and construction of the AI cars and accessories and robotic machines themselves having souls and abilities which are an extension of who they are.  The temptation to unplug and hook into artificial sensation universes like seen pre 80s with THX ... which likened hooking up to a relief of mans vanity and sensationalism with Playmates of the year or angelic beauty of white light.

Raving in it's present form is an expansion of consciousness that allows progressive temptation and despite most media belief explaining the ideas of the achievements and challenges for modern man.  It means people can despite some unbelief allow their life and children to be truly blessed.  Of course Jesus the Man Wiki information of the bookwas a book which was a proven account of beliefs of modern Antioch Christians and the formation of churches and their purposes for it's time period.

This whole cataclysm of infomation means that some may consider Christian Orthodoxy more Hellenistic in its freely advertised form and doctrines and quite concerning archaeological accuracy or semi-paraphrased.  Modern Roman Catholicism in my time did not include understanding Pesher derivatives of scripture, the great mystery of faith however was emphasized.

Quite contrary to modern belief Jesus finally re-married with Lydia and was allowed to divorce because Mary Magdalene was a "non-believer".  This meant that according to the book the beasts could be made a new covenant relating to the example any priest must provide of which had only one life at one moment in time.  So the five headed monster becomes a singular problem of man's abilities and beliefs at that point in time.

Of course after reading some parts of the Mind of God Follow link to purchase, Penguin publishing I understood that despite discussing the aspects of matter and gravity and Space Time and the origins of the universe, the question most people think about including Stephen Hawking would be did the universe begin before time and space existed?  Also does time change with Space or did Time start when Space began at the same time.  Also if God was present outside our matter and gravity universe then why did god choose to create a universe at all, was it to understand the mind and nature of all things by those things left to exist or stop exist or these days come into and out of existence, i.e. Quantum Mechanics and life.

The answers are given to us in Genesis where there was a "void", and "let there be light was declared", even Jesus after the resurrection was said to glisten at the first sign of sun in the morning wearing a silver suite, hence god was seen as a most brilliant sensation of white light forming the shape and likeness of a White Angel blinding the mind whether you are a satanist or not, the rules of lights and waves can explain shining and why they shine, scientific explanation less Hellenistic was always swept under the bed.

I find in this age and time there is a need to look upward to the sky for answers because whilst there might be more temptation, new drugs and experiences happening right now, there are also better cleaners, vacuum cleaners and products that do positive things for people.  I must also say that social networking does have the potential to communicate and translate for the masses however in this day and age, food is marketed and tastes are researched heavily, whether that means these days marriage is a financial deal is really a question for the masses who are cleaning and helping as well as showing some signs of insanity which cannot be cured.  Have hope they say despite other people faceless or educationally impaired or distracted are not listening, reading or understanding, the problem of "choice", has itself become part of mathematics, gaming and gambling, I imagine how many people are good poker players or vice versa.

The only thing I seem to think about the second law of thermodynamics is that via induction we can see the entropy in the universe reaching it's minimum free energy point and if cyclic as in Hindu explanations, the universe is expanding further and getting colder each iteration, or rather a child universe is born and detached from the parent universe leaving the parent to through normal processes running out of thermal energy and being unable to stop the gravity of matter and antimatter contracting.  Time can be useful because it allows confluence to occur within cycles, it also allows macro or micro life and analysis to reach a Catharsis regarding philosophy and the limitations of just plain physics to explain the start, present state and meaning of life.

Goodbye and good luck


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Conspiracy Theories involving technologies and biometrics

I stumbled across a Jesse Ventura site involving BB and technological spying technology Big Brother realistic interview, I myself recall during my university years hearing about spying cameras in toilets and so many other zany stuff and this was before Sep11, 2011.  I do not think that the majority view will always be right because what do you do when the majority are ill from mental problems.

Haven't you noticed that these days you practically have to beg, marry or whore around to have sex and even then if you are ill or have a head injury how do you know you will make the right choice?

I imagine that IBM has used its technology over time and at best I believe the intention of this spying is because we have evolved to rely on calculators and computers and cars and trucks and many other things to evolve.  It appears that robotics and upgraded human forms will simply play a dominant position here on Earth.  Perhaps Dec 21 2012 is a confluent sign that evolved Android humans and animals will simply through enhanced physical combat enslave standard humans or wipe them out?

What I like about Jesse Venture is that he is more concerned about who rather than why does the spying in all the streets of the United States and suggests that it is a group of very smart and diverse individuals or Aliens that have given us these technological things.

I will watch this one closely

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More about me

The truth about me is that I am an astronaut, and I have been involved with identifying and sampling of life elsewhere in the solar system, such as two moons orbiting Jupiter and Saturn that are "Ice covered planets with melted ice or water environments beneath the covering of ice from volcanism and heat from the moons core".  This life has so far not been affected by these moons respective planetary cycle of climate change and so far the life found has adjusted to heat and energy from thermal vents of the planet, so far dna samples have been taken to identify the organisms and some attempt is being made to combine this dna with astronauts dna to survive after the Yellow Dwarf Sun star of our solar system when it undergoes a red giant phase and fills up with Helium."  This news is the advance of 30 years or more of space exploration and the the Annunaki theory of attaining gold from Neutron collided solar systems such as Earths.  It is expected that gold will also exist in all of this stars planets and moons, however this is not expected to be realised with all the information at hand.  It will be hundreds perhaps thousands of years or less before these moons are terraformed to allow submarine life stations for hominid life forms that have the dna of earth mixed with the moon and hence are able to survive with filtered or little or no sunlight.

There is a real philosophical question whether these moons are in fact syseptible to climate change either left alone or with terraforming.  Also questions remain, what dangerous organisms or what heirachial food chains or ecosystems exist on these moons, if human like life can exist and drink cellestial beverages on the moons etc.

So far the speed of light 300,000 m/s ? travel has been surpassed using radio waves manipulated or scared into exceeding Einsteins c variable in his E=mc^2 equation and this has meant light itself is seen as quanta rather than wave or particle, we still for approximations can say that most planets are spherical or at least the sun is spherical and have elliptical orbits.

Nothing travels faster than the speed of light is a delusional limitation that allows a index or constant to make the limitation of the variable estimates accurate, at warp or multiples of light speed with constant acceleration in a vaccuum makes us truly question the concept of a vacuum and antimatter decay in a vacuum and this equation is in need of a refreshment

Signing off ... Spock.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pornography and violent behaviour in young males and Flu transmission

I was recently reading an article on pornography on the net which talked about porn and it's effects on juvenile males and their hormones, with all that is available through the web and other places is it something that is causing males to be aggressive and jealous of those males depicted in the pornography or females etc.  I will leave it for you to find out and decide for yourself.
I also was reading an article about transmission of diseases that was on Dr Oz approx 3 months ago ref: Dr Oz on Foxtel, they postulated that someone with the common cold or flu could infect all guests at a gathering with intention of transmission, vs someone holding the virus without the intention of transmission made no one sick, this to me was quite relevant, it sort of means those kid flus going around schools and Chickenpox are deliberately transmitted, much like a terrorist with a bomb on the body intention to make other people out of the equation. So what do we do now with this now we know sickness is symbiotic with the hosts intentions. (...)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

CBA database crashes and people over-withdraw accounts explanation

Professor Alan Fekete at the USyd was a teacher of mine and explains in the following article just exactly why CBA software was hacked or had files corrupted. Professor explanation details at more a dbms level why really major organisations like banks and the increased use of information systems and logging can provide a backup to the reliability of a database tuple that has been corrupted, in some ways I experienced an issue with an external CD-RW writer that had begun recording and the Operating System froze for no apparent reason, I was using Ubuntu Karmic, after that freeze the drive was unable to work again, because the log file had detailed interrupted data transfer and the file transfer which I will not name was unable to restore use of the CD burner until it was either re-formatted or re-installed.  This process is always a possibility with Databases and software.  Sometimes you would like to be able to run a magic script and have everything restored to normal.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

FLStudio for music composition

I personally have used this program FlStudio information and demos for most of my music production and really liked it, recently got it working in Ubuntu which runs perfectly and without any problems.  Some of the cool stuff is seen even in the demo version, for older hardware may not be able to utilize the hardware.

Apple and its iphone 5 release talk

iPhone 5 launch date discussions gave an insight into consumer purchase trends and forecasts with respect to lack of sales of the Verizon iPhone 4 and subsequent consumers holding off.  I personally have used an iPhone 4 with Vodafone and it is fantastic speedy smooth and robust. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

IBM goes ahead and thinks of Cloud Computing

I was checking out IBM aka Lenovo and their spin on Cloud computing, IBM cloud computing trial apps provides an advanced insight into Cloud computing and storage with a 30 day trial.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Mercedes-benz Australia is a nice site look and feel with fast graphics and structure clearly seen.  It may not be on my budget but on yours?  Anway as an alternative there are a great deal of Euro-cars etc out there but I am not sure whether it's my sort of thing.

Adobe PS5 offer

Found a cool link to the offer of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Adobe offer for those extreme designers out there that want to take Adobe products for the duration.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

7 years since Martian Rover landed

I managed to spot from digg a story reminding us it has been seven years since the Mars Rover mission landed, got some great information on Phobos Mar's Satellite moon.  Mars information provides a great source for all the Astronauts who want to go there.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Partial Improvements

I have found a technique of problem solving using minimal financial costs bearing in mind that labour, materials and time are constraints and variables.  I have called it "partial improvements", and has worked quite well for me with project management work and self-reliant practices.  The way you approach the site is that you can provide some scientific principles and observations to your 24/7 day of survival.  I haven't bothered referencing anything because this has come from my "own" experiences and experiments.

Sometime the task at hand can involve many tasks and the idea of juggling all the ideas, work and time in programming can be complex when HR may not have the resources to complete the task, or may have in the past had problems with testing and implementing new systems and applications.  In some other areas your training needs to include physical exercise and regular journalling especially dreams and ideas as they pop into your head within your initial draft.

Partial Improvement goes along the lines that within the humanoid framework a large task can be separated into smaller sub-task each becoming new projects in themselves.  Quite a great deal of time is needed to collaborate on the work and the communication that exists within the team environment if there is greater than one player on the team.  Also when you as a humanoid will approach a task or project is to partially all sum up the rates of change of all aspects of your consciousness including memory, health, education, experience, success rate and speed of competency, efficiency.

Thus would be some sort of equation for mental health and potential value, summing up physical and mental aspects together rather than excluding the relativity of the two sub components.

Of course version control can make us need to solve a bug, twice, because of version control or dual file access database locking practices are needed such as pessemistic and exclusive access.  This is easily seen with M Access Dbase solutions and a "stamp of time" occurs.  This stamp is basically a function call to get the time from the source, the source we only discover using help to lookup the function documentation description.  All the unix and linux guys will know this as man for shell functions or procedures.

Using partial improvement you never ever run out of things to do, however as a perfectionist you can get to the stage where your app is ready to be documented and you would like to move on rather non creatively and look at performance, speed, reliability, exception handling, garbage collection and other synonyms for the programming world.

Essentially what could happen by designing carefully designed inputs test your app for speed together with other things like error handling and essentially doing nothing until it comes back to you.

Carefully understood communication is essential in all cases , making the system seem like a pipe dream.  Understanding whether you are sitting in front of a computer that reflects your knowledge and understanding and potential value moves along to partial improvements leading to complete solution offers.  These offers are like tenders for a final version, each team competing with others to understand the clients, needs wants and attitude.

Essentially speaking robot is something that can keep you glued to your chair, take a break every 20 minutes and walk away from the computer and also focus your eyes on distant objects whilst seated.

Read and learn new languages and methods and mental processes but realise to talk computer is basically what it is and nothing you can do can change it.

Of course understanding magnetism with processing can essentially drive a publisher mad having checked and triple checked a solution and then find after some time a "change", the developer suspects no one as one does and therefore needs to correct the change to comply with the design and architecture limitations and functionality.  Really the answer is the 1 turned to a 0 in the binary string of boolean or two separate values, this can even involve great many pages of memory, the thought of electrons comes to mind.

Constantly reliability of signal processing and data packet transmissions will always be subject to constant review and querying, together with understand the role you play as tester or consultant on the task at hand.  For me this has meant, think smart not competitively, do not see yourself superior or inferior, just be a human being and breath, relax and feel the earth and do nothing extra, this reference to Tao Tai Chi breathing visualisations anxiety needs to be controlled or "managed" and the breath becomes your tool for addressing the scan you place on yourself.  This then moves you into the world of diseases and medicines and also the ultimate question of "truth", if such an idea exists and we have to power to improve something, is it an act with your own sanity as to whether you drop the bundle and say enough.  Whether you have succeeded or failed depends on the test itself together with what you ate for breakfast or had blasted at you via the television.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jesus Christians Music

Walked through the CBD and met a guy promoting a great moral site Jesus Christians I particularly liked their song Money made man mad, somewhat utopian.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Interesting facts about Zodiac Signs needing change

I came across this fantastic article about Zodiac Sign changes due to the change in the earths tilt since Babylonian times together with a 13th sign New Zodiac Signs provides more information on this new calculation.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Arty blog follower confessions

Just added some random blog to follow and watching Power Snooker on Euro Sport

Ipswich's river peaks at 20.5m

Just listening to the prime minister and the flood story in Queensland, Mlebourne and other places.

Looks like the Bremer River is expected to peak at 20.5m

ABC One Terrestrial Television

Marvadene "Bubbles" Anderson

Just been watching Oprah and the story of the tallest woman in the world Marlene "Bubbles" Anderson. Oprah Winfrey sometimes there is a need Bob.

WoodRot Solutions

Found this site although American raises the idea of an epoxy clear penetrating sealer for outdoor wood as a relatively inexpensive solution Rot Doctor was one I found.

Fixing rotten wood

Got a task for today, fix the rear balcony wooden beam with filler and re-paint.  A little bit of carpentry helps these days.

All this while I listen to Departures by Trilucid Trilucid on Last.FM which brings me back to smurfing on about Last.FM

Cake and taste

It was nice to eat some cake for my aunties birthday and hear that Oscar is trying to talk.

UFC on FuelTV

Ultimate Fighter has been on for a while, I don't mind watching it at a level of analysis and strength and endurance as well as strategies.  It's growing globally and contains some awesome knockouts.

What's going on in Brisbane?

That is you found this site and I'd love to hear from you why not email me your thoughts with Subject "Blogging".

Till next time sweep the floor and vacuum the floor and bed.

Television, DVDs, Blu-ray and HD and it's use vs Internet Video

Many people affected by the floods up in QLD, if you have found this site via a search engine then great.  I was really impressed by the BMW BMW Australia web-site using Firefox and Ubuntu the Seamless operation is magical.  Not every system or XP can use the latest version of Internet Explorer.

I managed to watch some CI channel and also respond to all the calls relating to social work.

Going back to the Queensland flood a detailed update is available at ABC news and many people have been affected by the floods.

On this site I am not sure whether you are interested to start discussion papers on Audio Visual and advantages of HD and Blu-ray technologies.  I am quite happy with DVD and PS2 old systems and updating and reformatting the HD for software application errors.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Good bye Ruby Tuesday

Got some horrific flashbacks of the Hopscotch film the Acid House and the Bob Coyle story.  Somehow life is a great deal like this film.  Might turn you off joining a football league or even for that matter staying at home too long with your parents.

Tuesday well a special day for all of us here in Woolwich and Xbox 360 Foxtel live, for me I'd rather listen to Last.FM than anything else.

Tightarse Tuesday's and the questioning.

Adversity and strength through breathing

I was lucky to get some tips on breathing and have found this advice invaluable, whenever you do Yoga or Exercise, breath in and out through your nose.  This technique is great wherever open mouth environments bring hazards such as insects, bugs, spiders and pollutants and dehydration.  The technique is best practised with some Yoga primarily Hatha Yoga where you lunge and stretch.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Design strategy for a harsh climate

What needs to be done to make housing more mobile and flood proof, perhaps a boat house standard with an anchor.  For high flood areas etc.

Welcome to BK Solar Radio

Bk Solar Radio After years of working on sound production I finally found that radio station that can truly be integrated into Firefox and start a trend or musical evolution propogation.

Welcome to Nick-Dedich's blog

Welcome to Nick-Dedich's blog site, here you will find information systems talk as well as information regarding news, technology, health and well-being, Yoga stretches and forms, breathing techniques and hygeine talk.

I have spent year's waiting for a chance to inform musically and photographically and through writing projects and information together with informed links and technology reviews and audio visual information regarding music and sound engineering, together with psychic powers and intuition and subconscious mind techniques.

Here you will find religion and spiritual practices and education.  Melded together with a holistic approach to recovery and growth through Reiki and Japanase Chakra balancing and stretches.

This site is great for kids especially those with Autism should feel as if they are heard through this content together with local news and developments.