Thursday, January 27, 2011


Mercedes-benz Australia is a nice site look and feel with fast graphics and structure clearly seen.  It may not be on my budget but on yours?  Anway as an alternative there are a great deal of Euro-cars etc out there but I am not sure whether it's my sort of thing.

Adobe PS5 offer

Found a cool link to the offer of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Adobe offer for those extreme designers out there that want to take Adobe products for the duration.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

7 years since Martian Rover landed

I managed to spot from digg a story reminding us it has been seven years since the Mars Rover mission landed, got some great information on Phobos Mar's Satellite moon.  Mars information provides a great source for all the Astronauts who want to go there.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Partial Improvements

I have found a technique of problem solving using minimal financial costs bearing in mind that labour, materials and time are constraints and variables.  I have called it "partial improvements", and has worked quite well for me with project management work and self-reliant practices.  The way you approach the site is that you can provide some scientific principles and observations to your 24/7 day of survival.  I haven't bothered referencing anything because this has come from my "own" experiences and experiments.

Sometime the task at hand can involve many tasks and the idea of juggling all the ideas, work and time in programming can be complex when HR may not have the resources to complete the task, or may have in the past had problems with testing and implementing new systems and applications.  In some other areas your training needs to include physical exercise and regular journalling especially dreams and ideas as they pop into your head within your initial draft.

Partial Improvement goes along the lines that within the humanoid framework a large task can be separated into smaller sub-task each becoming new projects in themselves.  Quite a great deal of time is needed to collaborate on the work and the communication that exists within the team environment if there is greater than one player on the team.  Also when you as a humanoid will approach a task or project is to partially all sum up the rates of change of all aspects of your consciousness including memory, health, education, experience, success rate and speed of competency, efficiency.

Thus would be some sort of equation for mental health and potential value, summing up physical and mental aspects together rather than excluding the relativity of the two sub components.

Of course version control can make us need to solve a bug, twice, because of version control or dual file access database locking practices are needed such as pessemistic and exclusive access.  This is easily seen with M Access Dbase solutions and a "stamp of time" occurs.  This stamp is basically a function call to get the time from the source, the source we only discover using help to lookup the function documentation description.  All the unix and linux guys will know this as man for shell functions or procedures.

Using partial improvement you never ever run out of things to do, however as a perfectionist you can get to the stage where your app is ready to be documented and you would like to move on rather non creatively and look at performance, speed, reliability, exception handling, garbage collection and other synonyms for the programming world.

Essentially what could happen by designing carefully designed inputs test your app for speed together with other things like error handling and essentially doing nothing until it comes back to you.

Carefully understood communication is essential in all cases , making the system seem like a pipe dream.  Understanding whether you are sitting in front of a computer that reflects your knowledge and understanding and potential value moves along to partial improvements leading to complete solution offers.  These offers are like tenders for a final version, each team competing with others to understand the clients, needs wants and attitude.

Essentially speaking robot is something that can keep you glued to your chair, take a break every 20 minutes and walk away from the computer and also focus your eyes on distant objects whilst seated.

Read and learn new languages and methods and mental processes but realise to talk computer is basically what it is and nothing you can do can change it.

Of course understanding magnetism with processing can essentially drive a publisher mad having checked and triple checked a solution and then find after some time a "change", the developer suspects no one as one does and therefore needs to correct the change to comply with the design and architecture limitations and functionality.  Really the answer is the 1 turned to a 0 in the binary string of boolean or two separate values, this can even involve great many pages of memory, the thought of electrons comes to mind.

Constantly reliability of signal processing and data packet transmissions will always be subject to constant review and querying, together with understand the role you play as tester or consultant on the task at hand.  For me this has meant, think smart not competitively, do not see yourself superior or inferior, just be a human being and breath, relax and feel the earth and do nothing extra, this reference to Tao Tai Chi breathing visualisations anxiety needs to be controlled or "managed" and the breath becomes your tool for addressing the scan you place on yourself.  This then moves you into the world of diseases and medicines and also the ultimate question of "truth", if such an idea exists and we have to power to improve something, is it an act with your own sanity as to whether you drop the bundle and say enough.  Whether you have succeeded or failed depends on the test itself together with what you ate for breakfast or had blasted at you via the television.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jesus Christians Music

Walked through the CBD and met a guy promoting a great moral site Jesus Christians I particularly liked their song Money made man mad, somewhat utopian.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Interesting facts about Zodiac Signs needing change

I came across this fantastic article about Zodiac Sign changes due to the change in the earths tilt since Babylonian times together with a 13th sign New Zodiac Signs provides more information on this new calculation.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Arty blog follower confessions

Just added some random blog to follow and watching Power Snooker on Euro Sport

Ipswich's river peaks at 20.5m

Just listening to the prime minister and the flood story in Queensland, Mlebourne and other places.

Looks like the Bremer River is expected to peak at 20.5m

ABC One Terrestrial Television

Marvadene "Bubbles" Anderson

Just been watching Oprah and the story of the tallest woman in the world Marlene "Bubbles" Anderson. Oprah Winfrey sometimes there is a need Bob.

WoodRot Solutions

Found this site although American raises the idea of an epoxy clear penetrating sealer for outdoor wood as a relatively inexpensive solution Rot Doctor was one I found.

Fixing rotten wood

Got a task for today, fix the rear balcony wooden beam with filler and re-paint.  A little bit of carpentry helps these days.

All this while I listen to Departures by Trilucid Trilucid on Last.FM which brings me back to smurfing on about Last.FM

Cake and taste

It was nice to eat some cake for my aunties birthday and hear that Oscar is trying to talk.

UFC on FuelTV

Ultimate Fighter has been on for a while, I don't mind watching it at a level of analysis and strength and endurance as well as strategies.  It's growing globally and contains some awesome knockouts.

What's going on in Brisbane?

That is you found this site and I'd love to hear from you why not email me your thoughts with Subject "Blogging".

Till next time sweep the floor and vacuum the floor and bed.

Television, DVDs, Blu-ray and HD and it's use vs Internet Video

Many people affected by the floods up in QLD, if you have found this site via a search engine then great.  I was really impressed by the BMW BMW Australia web-site using Firefox and Ubuntu the Seamless operation is magical.  Not every system or XP can use the latest version of Internet Explorer.

I managed to watch some CI channel and also respond to all the calls relating to social work.

Going back to the Queensland flood a detailed update is available at ABC news and many people have been affected by the floods.

On this site I am not sure whether you are interested to start discussion papers on Audio Visual and advantages of HD and Blu-ray technologies.  I am quite happy with DVD and PS2 old systems and updating and reformatting the HD for software application errors.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Good bye Ruby Tuesday

Got some horrific flashbacks of the Hopscotch film the Acid House and the Bob Coyle story.  Somehow life is a great deal like this film.  Might turn you off joining a football league or even for that matter staying at home too long with your parents.

Tuesday well a special day for all of us here in Woolwich and Xbox 360 Foxtel live, for me I'd rather listen to Last.FM than anything else.

Tightarse Tuesday's and the questioning.

Adversity and strength through breathing

I was lucky to get some tips on breathing and have found this advice invaluable, whenever you do Yoga or Exercise, breath in and out through your nose.  This technique is great wherever open mouth environments bring hazards such as insects, bugs, spiders and pollutants and dehydration.  The technique is best practised with some Yoga primarily Hatha Yoga where you lunge and stretch.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Design strategy for a harsh climate

What needs to be done to make housing more mobile and flood proof, perhaps a boat house standard with an anchor.  For high flood areas etc.

Welcome to BK Solar Radio

Bk Solar Radio After years of working on sound production I finally found that radio station that can truly be integrated into Firefox and start a trend or musical evolution propogation.

Welcome to Nick-Dedich's blog

Welcome to Nick-Dedich's blog site, here you will find information systems talk as well as information regarding news, technology, health and well-being, Yoga stretches and forms, breathing techniques and hygeine talk.

I have spent year's waiting for a chance to inform musically and photographically and through writing projects and information together with informed links and technology reviews and audio visual information regarding music and sound engineering, together with psychic powers and intuition and subconscious mind techniques.

Here you will find religion and spiritual practices and education.  Melded together with a holistic approach to recovery and growth through Reiki and Japanase Chakra balancing and stretches.

This site is great for kids especially those with Autism should feel as if they are heard through this content together with local news and developments.