Wednesday, March 2, 2011

CBA database crashes and people over-withdraw accounts explanation

Professor Alan Fekete at the USyd was a teacher of mine and explains in the following article just exactly why CBA software was hacked or had files corrupted. Professor explanation details at more a dbms level why really major organisations like banks and the increased use of information systems and logging can provide a backup to the reliability of a database tuple that has been corrupted, in some ways I experienced an issue with an external CD-RW writer that had begun recording and the Operating System froze for no apparent reason, I was using Ubuntu Karmic, after that freeze the drive was unable to work again, because the log file had detailed interrupted data transfer and the file transfer which I will not name was unable to restore use of the CD burner until it was either re-formatted or re-installed.  This process is always a possibility with Databases and software.  Sometimes you would like to be able to run a magic script and have everything restored to normal.

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