Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pornography and violent behaviour in young males and Flu transmission

I was recently reading an article on pornography on the net which talked about porn and it's effects on juvenile males and their hormones, with all that is available through the web and other places is it something that is causing males to be aggressive and jealous of those males depicted in the pornography or females etc.  I will leave it for you to find out and decide for yourself.
I also was reading an article about transmission of diseases that was on Dr Oz approx 3 months ago ref: Dr Oz on Foxtel, they postulated that someone with the common cold or flu could infect all guests at a gathering with intention of transmission, vs someone holding the virus without the intention of transmission made no one sick, this to me was quite relevant, it sort of means those kid flus going around schools and Chickenpox are deliberately transmitted, much like a terrorist with a bomb on the body intention to make other people out of the equation. So what do we do now with this now we know sickness is symbiotic with the hosts intentions. (...)

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