Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More about me

The truth about me is that I am an astronaut, and I have been involved with identifying and sampling of life elsewhere in the solar system, such as two moons orbiting Jupiter and Saturn that are "Ice covered planets with melted ice or water environments beneath the covering of ice from volcanism and heat from the moons core".  This life has so far not been affected by these moons respective planetary cycle of climate change and so far the life found has adjusted to heat and energy from thermal vents of the planet, so far dna samples have been taken to identify the organisms and some attempt is being made to combine this dna with astronauts dna to survive after the Yellow Dwarf Sun star of our solar system when it undergoes a red giant phase and fills up with Helium."  This news is the advance of 30 years or more of space exploration and the the Annunaki theory of attaining gold from Neutron collided solar systems such as Earths.  It is expected that gold will also exist in all of this stars planets and moons, however this is not expected to be realised with all the information at hand.  It will be hundreds perhaps thousands of years or less before these moons are terraformed to allow submarine life stations for hominid life forms that have the dna of earth mixed with the moon and hence are able to survive with filtered or little or no sunlight.

There is a real philosophical question whether these moons are in fact syseptible to climate change either left alone or with terraforming.  Also questions remain, what dangerous organisms or what heirachial food chains or ecosystems exist on these moons, if human like life can exist and drink cellestial beverages on the moons etc.

So far the speed of light 300,000 m/s ? travel has been surpassed using radio waves manipulated or scared into exceeding Einsteins c variable in his E=mc^2 equation and this has meant light itself is seen as quanta rather than wave or particle, we still for approximations can say that most planets are spherical or at least the sun is spherical and have elliptical orbits.

Nothing travels faster than the speed of light is a delusional limitation that allows a index or constant to make the limitation of the variable estimates accurate, at warp or multiples of light speed with constant acceleration in a vaccuum makes us truly question the concept of a vacuum and antimatter decay in a vacuum and this equation is in need of a refreshment

Signing off ... Spock.

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