Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Conspiracy Theories involving technologies and biometrics

I stumbled across a Jesse Ventura site involving BB and technological spying technology Big Brother realistic interview, I myself recall during my university years hearing about spying cameras in toilets and so many other zany stuff and this was before Sep11, 2011.  I do not think that the majority view will always be right because what do you do when the majority are ill from mental problems.

Haven't you noticed that these days you practically have to beg, marry or whore around to have sex and even then if you are ill or have a head injury how do you know you will make the right choice?

I imagine that IBM has used its technology over time and at best I believe the intention of this spying is because we have evolved to rely on calculators and computers and cars and trucks and many other things to evolve.  It appears that robotics and upgraded human forms will simply play a dominant position here on Earth.  Perhaps Dec 21 2012 is a confluent sign that evolved Android humans and animals will simply through enhanced physical combat enslave standard humans or wipe them out?

What I like about Jesse Venture is that he is more concerned about who rather than why does the spying in all the streets of the United States and suggests that it is a group of very smart and diverse individuals or Aliens that have given us these technological things.

I will watch this one closely

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