Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Honesty and ideas around Antioch and modern Christian Beliefs

I managed to pick up Barbara Theirings' book which details a great deal more information regarding Christianity and its beginnings around AD 30-64 and the ideas relating to Pesher derivatives on Biblical matters and holy books.  I managed to realise that around the time of Jesus the man, it was common for the Jewish tradition to be polygamists, and that Jesus himself was teaching that in the role of David he was able to invite the "beasts", i.e. the uncircumcised gentiles into the supper relating to the new covenant between God, ie. Matthew Mark and Jews and Gentiles that began what is realised to be Christian.  Also it was also necessary to define a priest as a man with one wife, not many all living at the same time.  Barbara's ideas which heavily rely on the Pesher derivatives of the Dead Sea Scrolls provides an example of the political landscape of the time with Christianity and Essene Priests in Cyprus with the role of worship.  Of course what continued after that significant time was the decision to have the option of marrying an unbeliever and allowing that unbeliever to divorce for as long as able.  These ideas seemed to show that whoever played the role of a Judaic high priest at the supper or right hand of our human Judgement of how to deal with sinful sick filth was fully aware of temptation in all its forms which for some Christian Gnostic's, the flesh and all senses in the present consciousness.  I personally feel that in todays world and universe, more enhanced and visual stimulus requires a Essene priest quite familiar with all forms of temptation in the time of the significant time in history.  It may be interesting in accepting a deity that created the universe with a definate experiment in mind, or perhaps Geometric and physical rules, all of which depended on what Scientists term a time line and a mathematical theory that explains all the creation from the void.

A time-line could imitate the past with recordings and these days this matrix of people all around the world are judged and limited by what problems remain today which Religiously people term as sinful and debauched lifestyles and a suggestion that for instance due to STDs condoms are required to make one's life safe, despite Roman Catholic teaching relating to contraception of making more problems for mankind.  Television communicates news and entertainment yet still has the power to cause mental breakdowns from all levels of human life, from countries booming today like China and India their ideas on spirituality have been preserved and if possible twisted somehow prior to digestion.

The world today is a completely different landscape, man, women and people and animals of all shapes, colours and sizes for the most part realise the importance of a sense of belonging to something holy, or perhaps a more evolved lifestyle, technology, scientific and religious belief.  What is sad is that man seems to have alienated himself from the universe in which he, she or it lives.  Of course we are told to be aware of climate change, and only recently due to advances in scientific methods and invention in todays terms could be seen by older versions of homosapiens as "magical".  I to this day do not understand how advanced and amazing are electrical appliances and computers,  These days a computer chip inserted in a birthday card to play music for a finite period of time has more processing power than all the computer power of WWII fighter planes.  It is simply discarded into the bin these days.

Those ascribing to a computer science background are observing Moore's law in terms of semiconductor evolution and technology.  Materials and alchemy today due to processing plants, automation and production lines are producing cars which have had AI programs shape lines and curves as well as self-reliant and driving autonomous vehicles.

In the future any Essene priest would most definitely be aware of the WWW together with all the design and construction of the AI cars and accessories and robotic machines themselves having souls and abilities which are an extension of who they are.  The temptation to unplug and hook into artificial sensation universes like seen pre 80s with THX ... which likened hooking up to a relief of mans vanity and sensationalism with Playmates of the year or angelic beauty of white light.

Raving in it's present form is an expansion of consciousness that allows progressive temptation and despite most media belief explaining the ideas of the achievements and challenges for modern man.  It means people can despite some unbelief allow their life and children to be truly blessed.  Of course Jesus the Man Wiki information of the bookwas a book which was a proven account of beliefs of modern Antioch Christians and the formation of churches and their purposes for it's time period.

This whole cataclysm of infomation means that some may consider Christian Orthodoxy more Hellenistic in its freely advertised form and doctrines and quite concerning archaeological accuracy or semi-paraphrased.  Modern Roman Catholicism in my time did not include understanding Pesher derivatives of scripture, the great mystery of faith however was emphasized.

Quite contrary to modern belief Jesus finally re-married with Lydia and was allowed to divorce because Mary Magdalene was a "non-believer".  This meant that according to the book the beasts could be made a new covenant relating to the example any priest must provide of which had only one life at one moment in time.  So the five headed monster becomes a singular problem of man's abilities and beliefs at that point in time.

Of course after reading some parts of the Mind of God Follow link to purchase, Penguin publishing I understood that despite discussing the aspects of matter and gravity and Space Time and the origins of the universe, the question most people think about including Stephen Hawking would be did the universe begin before time and space existed?  Also does time change with Space or did Time start when Space began at the same time.  Also if God was present outside our matter and gravity universe then why did god choose to create a universe at all, was it to understand the mind and nature of all things by those things left to exist or stop exist or these days come into and out of existence, i.e. Quantum Mechanics and life.

The answers are given to us in Genesis where there was a "void", and "let there be light was declared", even Jesus after the resurrection was said to glisten at the first sign of sun in the morning wearing a silver suite, hence god was seen as a most brilliant sensation of white light forming the shape and likeness of a White Angel blinding the mind whether you are a satanist or not, the rules of lights and waves can explain shining and why they shine, scientific explanation less Hellenistic was always swept under the bed.

I find in this age and time there is a need to look upward to the sky for answers because whilst there might be more temptation, new drugs and experiences happening right now, there are also better cleaners, vacuum cleaners and products that do positive things for people.  I must also say that social networking does have the potential to communicate and translate for the masses however in this day and age, food is marketed and tastes are researched heavily, whether that means these days marriage is a financial deal is really a question for the masses who are cleaning and helping as well as showing some signs of insanity which cannot be cured.  Have hope they say despite other people faceless or educationally impaired or distracted are not listening, reading or understanding, the problem of "choice", has itself become part of mathematics, gaming and gambling, I imagine how many people are good poker players or vice versa.

The only thing I seem to think about the second law of thermodynamics is that via induction we can see the entropy in the universe reaching it's minimum free energy point and if cyclic as in Hindu explanations, the universe is expanding further and getting colder each iteration, or rather a child universe is born and detached from the parent universe leaving the parent to through normal processes running out of thermal energy and being unable to stop the gravity of matter and antimatter contracting.  Time can be useful because it allows confluence to occur within cycles, it also allows macro or micro life and analysis to reach a Catharsis regarding philosophy and the limitations of just plain physics to explain the start, present state and meaning of life.

Goodbye and good luck


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