Monday, July 11, 2011

Cable Television and consumer consumption

I recently noticed that advertising is being displayed on cable television, why is it I suppose when you the consumer pay for the installation and contract that so much advertising seeps into the Foxtel television.

I must admit in spite of all the advertising, switching the TV off or changing the channel becomes your problem, what do I switch to? - becomes a really important question. 
It seems to me that energising yourself with exercise or breathing techniques can change the way you are permanently and the television will proceed with its programming regardless.

Sometimes when impulsive about taking steps you can confuse an add about a program as being the program and then switching, sometimes you have to watch what you don't want to watch or hear or you seem to feel your whole home experience is personalised for your demographic and perhaps because money or getting it right is important for the networking.

I wonder sometimes if web sites like wikipedia and other global brain encyclopedias subject to impermanence can be doubted in Space and Time and therefore the very television you watch could be somehow a lie or a be a distortion of the truth due to communication errors or missing ideas and knowledge, for instance do we believe man walked upright due to China and Indias' plated colliding forming the Himalayas made primitive Homo Erectus turn to Homo Sapians because there was no vegetation and the environment became arid ( Discovery Channel Earth Made documentary Get discovery channel in Australia) or is there any possibility that man was genetically engineered rather than evolved from primitive apes and primates (Genesis revisited)? Buy this book. I am feeling that some ideas and books are questionable and also subject to change and are often unexplained, due to some kind of hypnosis or induced Coma that begs one to question the facts as asserted being misunderstood or complex.  However in some cases such as numbers and systems of numbers have pretty much become a universal language that has not really changed in many thousands of years to today.

I after reading Sitchens' book had a wide eye approach to explain the history of our species and just how did the scribing and mathematics come into being.  As a result of this knowledge and our ancestors we are what we are today, it is really mind boggling.

Does anybody out there agree with latin naming of Homo sapiens as it is or should it rather be Hetero Sapians?

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