Thursday, October 13, 2011

All the information regarding the music and movement, geothermals and quakes

I have recently come across some programmatical changes in the Foxtel Vortex in this area, where is Man vs Wild and whereis UFC? I guess pay per view.  I am also working on eBay shopping but to me honest this only suits retired grandfathers or work at home mothers or workers.

I was chatting to my neighbour who has been renovating their house, and of course getting all the geology tips on volcanic potential.  I then had the worst dream imaginable there were people screaming insanity as the Earths crust turned into fire and brimstone, It had something to do with science or earthquakes or asteroids why this happened, whether it was an earthquake or an Avatar life is beyond me.  Did I see the future, or has it already happened?  I was really upset to have seen it so eerie.

Creepy and slimy, Perhaps Cloud cities are more sustainable than a geo city.  Or are we destined to see a collosal judgement day?


  1. I managed to watch discovery regarding Geology and Volcanic flows, from what I know there are two flows one 'sticky' and one 'runny', the sticky one's simply explode such as 1980 Mt St Helen's, and we are all told about super-volcanoes, in my dream and I'd love to hear from any animator that is broadly speaking a guru in regards to my dream being translated into that animation, in this occasion the very earth itself was not really in a 'cooling' phase, more a collapse into a molten fire and brimstone and the 'kick', wake up experience.

  2. Furthermore there appeared to be a huge impact causing all this terror on earth, people screaming in your eyes etc and rumbling crashing explosions everywhere, it was a dream yes, but some dreams feel like you experience them, even when you are flying, or remember a dream from your childhood, that sometimes, related to a never-ending Halloween party and 'jumping in time to the future to remember who you were when you were younger and then proceed in due course...