Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Curing Depression in life and the path you follow

I managed to remember a website that was a great link for depression, Graeme explains his background and qualifications and the depression that started in 2000 or so, for me my depression may have been in existence since I was in the schoolyard.  I want to thank Graeme for his testimony and his book available and website Graeme Cowan's depression website quite structured and honest bares his life and experiences of recovery from depression in life generally, I must say that this site and meeting Graeme made me realise that some people care about being Bipolar and that traumatic events in one's life can test even the most mentally strong of us.

Like Graeme I had acquired a degree, but different in Computer Science and Technology and at the end of my degree I did some work as an instructor for coding and web development syntax and design.  For me whilst professionally my life was crumbling due to my illness, at times I felt calm and collected, at other times sheer and utter panic endured and the complexities of my condition meant that my brain was utter scrambled eggs.  I lost track due to the time isolated in my travels and also the extreme nakedness of my condition.  I felt that no one I worked with really knew the real me, or more importantly accepted my life as something that at times I was lame to do anything, at the end I realised that I was alone and that perhaps some people would think it honourable to kill myself in view of all the teasing and blame that people lumped on me, from a professional standpoint, problems with my upbringing coupled with an intense desire to be excited, in some ways I did not understand the human condition, and all the technology that was available and that work simply negated any chance for physical exertion or stimulated me enough to the point of doing rigorous exercise.

I personally empathised with Graeme, whilst I have not spoken to the media, I am in effect writing this media and it appears in your computer screen as you read it, I write English fluently and am an excellent advisor and technical writer, still elusive was a marriage or belief in some sort of relationship, this then bounced off the walls and came back, why do I dislike some human beings, aliens and big brother?  Perhaps because of the scams and also all the controversy over 'treatment' and 'conditioning'.  A far cry from all of this was a need to further my potential value and to free up a damaged body, I had been in a car accident, and also broke bones in my right arm, also had spinal tapped nerves with Spondilosis and Scoliosis.

I followed the progress of a course run by the Brahma Kumaris, which was a Masters in Raja Yoga, for once I was able to feel connected again, and it didn't involve a great deal of money for a chance to learn about who I am and accepting it.  Brahma Kumaris Head Office
 was a great soul improving process of learning sharing and accepting, realising that despite all the complexities of life and all the rumours going around that we all share something in common and perhaps need to realise what we are before we make any executive decision about ending it all.  For me ending it was a cowards way out, but even more challenging was not ending it and remaining silent, or as close to as possible, I had realised in one series of courses that I must meditate, do a great deal of Yoga and also read, help others, research medical conditions and problems and also learn more about the cycle of the earth and to not be too concerned about all that crap.

This was a huge step forward in my recovery, in conjunction with all the internet psychology available it was a good change in my life, which took one direction, went back in time and resumed from another point.

I believe in taking care of others, animals and nature as well as greener technology and also honesty and honour in business matters and contracts.  I perhaps misred or overlooked many things, and had 'suicidal thoughts', this is common with many people with conditions that are awkward.  I also needed to work on physics as well as chemistry which I believe seems to be a very open book these days.

There are some people who I have not formally thanked, such as Graeme and others, in fact some of the best teachers hurt me the most, it in some way made me realise what weaknesses I had and what strengths I had to forget.

I see a great deal of confusion out there and some people are so hooked in that they are forced to live a life they never dreamed of or even wanted to have, being single as I am has allowed me to focus my attention on exercise, cleaning and hygeine, disease control and management as well as Human Biology.  I believe and I have no book to publish, that rigorous exercise alone will not cure depression on its own, those in pain need to incorporate this into their existing therapy or medical assessments and also research the definitions of words and be non-ambiguous about what you mean, for me communication is the most abused form of giving or getting information and can be incredibly stressful.

If you are reading this now and are Schizophrenic then I would recommend contacting the following centre in Sydney.Sydney Schizophrenia Fellowship here at the Clubhouse you can learn to network and quite challenging accept other people's disabilities perhaps finding where you 'fit in', and whether or not your testimony is transparent or not, or whether you really are giving up.  Hope is something to wear on your wrist because without it perhaps there is no cure for clinical depression or Alzeimers disease, Huntington's disease or Parkinson's disease or mysterious fluey conditions.

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