Thursday, November 3, 2011

Philosophies about Religion and Stephen Fry on Lateline

I managed to watch closely Stephen Fry's deep and together conversation about gays and god and whether god loves us as a deity or theism, of course within Religion which forms art and explanations in holy books, relics and archaeological finds, it seems that since the times of the Egyptians every religion including Judaism is obsessed with the afterlife.  I watched and listened to Stephen Fry in his explanation regarding a tea pot that revolves around the earth as a satellite and believing in it, and whether or not god is responsible for wasps that are born inside peoples bodies and eat them inside out etc.  It is clear that in this life and hence our accomodation here on earth there are forces of good, or perceived evil that take shapes and forms, however my question is that the physical rules of physics and gravity are generally applicable wherever in the universe you happen to land, more importantly the very energy that binds all organisms seems to be able to change from one form to another, could the very rules of energy, sound and vibration have a divine and outside the stage factor, that is the result of a simulation, also could the development of robots and technology be necessitating the need for a robot free reserve for bipeds like Human Beings on this planet and perhaps the very factor of gravity, tides and decay half-lifes be responsible for climate change rather than human beings on their own.  Stephen Fry seemed to enjoy this discussion and I for one listened, however there will always be mysteries, like why are we here at all?  Do we have a right to be angry at god for suffering, and does some religions falsely promise us that god loves us and will always answer our prayers, is there any proof of heaven?  My understanding is that not all things are loving unconditionally and evil is a creation of some sort, whether it be Sodomy or Murder or Failure and catastrophe the entire simulation I see as ultimately an experiment, the question remains is god gay or homosexual, or does god understand and tell all life forms that they are the image of god and are loved?  Does god feel any concerns about our planet in a vast galaxy in a vast and expanding universe, are there life forms and carbon molecules that form in vastly different gravitational and temperature conditions?  Also will robots look at humans as we do now apes, as being their genesis and any imperfections in their design or successes inherent with the ideas of energy and attraction and repulsion in nuclear and chemical bonding.  Does the idea of god and so called evidence saying god loves us misleading, and the fact is it seems for whatever reason god has said to us, I am everything and go crazy?

Sometimes you will pray or be a good person but that doesn't mean you get into heaven reborn or anything, perhaps you are creating an ashtray of chemical equilibrium.  The problem is that many people see themselves as gods, and others see themselves as god servants.  The most recent view is that god is energy that holds the entire universe together as an experiment and as the rules are set, perhaps this cycle we have no choice even though we think we make choices every day.  The idea that god is outside our realm is philosophical and seems to indicate that he is somewhere taking a conscious form where we cannot harm god in thought or deed, because god is familiar with all creation good or evil, predatory or food,  God would most likely be the spider eating the moth, but doing so as efficiently as possible, of course the chill I feel may be that second law of thermodynamics that after a fire expires it becomes cold.  I see god as creation and I feel that I pray but perhaps am qualified to because the larger christian view is to allow evil forgiveness and atonement.  I think people who are gay really aren't the big issue these days or climate change or judgement day, the sad thing is that today we don't even have a cure for the common cold and that perhaps our experiment in this life has happened before and is more predictable and positive than evil, which is allowed to exist.  I postulate that positive energy overcomes negative which is propogating a recurring experience and phase of life of human beings on earth, we make our choices and feel we have free will, but really it all an ILLUSION and thoughts evil or good can reduce or oxidise on this planet.  In terms of consciousness it is more optimistic to think that there is some way of minimising pain here on earth and also that only the strongest survive.

Vomit or constipation is a creative process, and unfortunately we need to educate ourselves about these processes to better understand ourselves but to allow god to see this simulation and taking whatever solutions to the next cycle, or perhaps in some other scenario.

Do musicians like Michael Jackson and others have a view on this and do we find out?  Does melody seem to push the idea of perfection, and is perfection an illusion of materialism?  Whether you pray to Allah, Christ, Yahweh or Jehovah, Lady Gaga the idea that we are protected may be more valid than we think.  The words of prayer and bible to me in their current form are ENCODED, that is that the precise timing of a statement or action is a performance, an art and a form, but overall the rules that mean you can't jump off a cliff and bounce back where you started are realised by trial, error and in some cases death.

I feel that it may be romantic to think that god loves us, all the time, and is responsible for miracles.  Whilst Sodomy, Murder, Bacteria, Spiders, Soldiers and weapons exist they are there because somebody worked something out about this rules in the simulation and were able to manufacture something.  I don't know if I am right or wrong, but I know by my experience that correct and incorrect and illusion and deceit are all cause and effects and we are programming ourselves into a Utopian future if we improve efficiency, standardise consumption, gather energy, transform it and utilise our talents, I just know that mistakes are an eternal concept and the universe adjusts your intention and pays attention to whether you fulfilled your intention, require adjustment or have one unique idea at all to offer creative processes or science and engineering or medicine or justice and philosophy.

I don't profess to know the answers but I am thankful for my life so far and the learning and training I have learnt from other people and books, technology, music, lyrics and artists, who encompass the overall god initiated experiment concept.  It seems that more liberal views these days are sharp and cutting at times, but for these things there are ways and always hope at the core of the human condition.  There will be pain and suffering as there has always been, but so many people are so sure they are right and you can see them walking to their death, but cannot help them, because they won't help themselves, perhaps god feels this way about the ashtray on earth, or the vibrations that become menacing when people act out uncontrollably.


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