Sunday, January 29, 2012

Occupational therapy and depression, time management and respite

Many people I have met shopping, working and studying appear to have problems with depression, jealousy, envy and hatred. To these conditions living dangerously and damage can sometimes be a mutual error. After a period of time incarcerated and ripped in mental hospital I found that my own anger, lameness and depression was my own worst enemy. I had clear ideas on psychotherapy and counsellings, but more crucially I discovered quickly learning to lose was costly. At one stage I was homeless and needed support but was unable to speak to any people securely and with honesty. I met thousands of people but after living in the city with all the Razzle Dazzle and masking problems with LEDs seemed to allow some unconscionable individuals to take advantage of my mental delay and sheer terror hearing more words in movies than in the script. I will acknowledge that hearing euphoric trance and the music scene appeared to be drug driven and vulnerabilities to Utopian ideology on this planet is easily dispensed by jealous people. Some animal species I have been studying
imitate their environment and other entities sounds, words and actions constantly, and listen in for inspiration. To some individuals politics, education, anthropology and psychology were areas of philosophy muted. This imitation after many years seems to constitute antagonism and teasing. Over the years in this phase of life, some serious situations can constitute snickering, such as eating a snickers bar. Do you know that keeps on snickering and biologically lack of humor or any aspect of life is a sickness? The rational mind has the right to be angry, but being unable to rid the body and mind of negative energy seems to be increasingly common. My intention is to understand mental aberration in respect to confidence and depression by proxy.… Coming soon

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