Friday, March 8, 2013

My Review of Drag Racing on Google Play

I am a lucky and proud owner of Google Android tablets running ICS, and for me, one of the easiest and funnest games, is a game called Drag Racing, I rated it highly because it is simple, and fun, with a side scrolling gear shifting, and nitro, effect, with an element of network combat, I rated it on Google Play Store, a 5 star game, because in addition to nitrous acceleration, the drag racing gameplay has a competitive element, with driver combat mode, where your car becomes the same level as your opponent, and knowing the gear ratio of a random car can earn you plenty of money. In the game your money and experience points allow you to power up engine, and other aspects of your car with your winnings, as the game is highly addictive, you can literally get anxious as you wait for your next car purchase and power ups. The level 3 mode, is when things start to get faster, with either 1/4 or 1/2 mile racing. I think I will be playing this game for some experience points well over the weekend I imagine.
Happy gaming on Google Play Store with Android, now seen to be a really sexy and relatively free OS for tablets.

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