Saturday, August 17, 2013

Meditation and it's role in healing

Recently I had injured my left hip flexor nerve, whilst removing an old egg from my bird Aviary. The pain was excruciating  and I literally couldn't stand up putting any force on my hip. One day went then another, RICE, followed all the rules, Dr Google, and yet still I was in pain days and days later. I then remembered a Brahma Kumaris CD I had purchased from the centre in Willoughby, and began to remember the retreat I went to called moving forward. I tried Hatha Yoga and the Alexander Technique to try and open the areas for more movement, plus I had medicine to take. The most profound aspect of Raja Yoga meditation is it's capacity to restore a persons well-being  more or less at a Spiritual level. My mother thinks I am crazy for believing in it, but sadly her health is deteriorating, and if anything her spirit is in need of healing. I wonder if you have your own story about meditation and it's role in physical healing, not just spiritual, perhaps you have a loved one that is stressed beyond all traditional medicine means? Raja Yoga Meditation does involve, retreats and learning classes at the BK retreat centre, because of that theory some develop internal struggles, whilst others encounter a cathartic mystical relationship with the divine truth of this existence.

Until next time Om Shanti and Be Well,


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