Monday, February 24, 2014

Internet Overloading

Have you ever spent so much time Googling, or using UTube, that you get stuck? I have for one really enjoyed using Google for most things from caring for Birds to life questions, and mathematical equations. Despite there being a Big Brother, I have related information using a search engine to the point where I discern results and take care with verifying the integrity of the information I gather or require. For me the Internet relies on Computers, tablets, iPhones, wristwatches and networking, have you ever thought what would happen if there were no Search Engines, or Google Maps to pinpoint locations? This Internet dependency only exists for now, but for the future who knows what will happen with the technology and the usable aspects of design and computation.

The internet can be used to shop and communicate to people, even though we like to speak to people on the telephone, being completely online has advantages that even the most moderate marketers can see, for instance, tweeting now appears in news and with that comes into the whole aspect of social networking and allowing for media to operate within the confines, of tweeting of sorts from all sorts of people, all around the world.

As I write this article I just am fascinated with how the web and storage and cloud computing has empowered many thousands if not millions or billions of children, adults, tweens and even great grandparents. The information superhighway is serving us for now, and the digital age is in existence even in some distant country, information is presented clearly, and traps are there, but usually easily seen and detected.

So with Web Browsing, UTube, Flickr and so forth information, graphics, anime, and comedy channels exist making you sometimes, stay awake longer in front of a screen, Internet overload can occur, and as funny as human beings are, sometimes, things are how you say, hard to mentally digest.

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