Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Gotta do things twice, thrice and at infinitum

Often in blogging, or desktop publishing, or even programming and social networking, with all the TYPE ASSISTING programs with word suggestions and spell checking, for some people, this means you do it once, twice and thrice at infinitum.
Even the word infinitum doesn't exist in Googles' dictionary, and for that matter, proper punctuation with the ownership subtext single parentheses. This in particular runs into to trouble when you refer to ownership of multiple instances of the same noun, like it belongs to all the Nicholas's' for instance would be an example. What has happened to traditional teaching methods and typewriters, editing and spelling checking a dictionary manually?
I have done away with the double space after a full-stop, because Android typing on my Samsung likes to capitalize automatically after the full-stop and puts in a single space. Even capitalize is not capitalise, etc, and also I might have spent too much time typing in the computer because I seem to have dyslexic tendencies. For example on my site I had done a poll regarding the most popular social networking sites, and for some reason, I input the survey as socsil or something like that, and could not change it. Therefore if you act quickly towards the bottom of this immense blog site, there is a new poll for social networking platforms, and their popularity. I hope you enjoy yourself, and I miss you.

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