Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dance music, and music in general, can it be performed and enjoyed drug free?

It's extremely hard these days, to convince die harder, that it is possible to enjoy music, and appreciate music, which traditionally is performed whilst under the influence, as sober minded individuals, such as the question is asked, are there any cool dance venues in Sydney which have a drug free ideology? The following is an example of what a great many artists and musicians feel about their art and the need for altered states of consciousness, almost like a religious ritual into melodic and trance out experiences, and certainly, you don't even have to consider contemporary music, but looking at all music, has there been a connection to altered minds, both compositional and appreciation, Drug Forum on Music appreciation seems to think, this concept.
It has come to my attention that this could be seen as an exception in say the gym, where a melodic mix goes in the background of your physical workout, or riding a bike listening to an iPod or record store. But where can these translations go to a community of fellow minded individuals and miss out on the sleaze of someone off their face beware the ides of Closed down venues..., and also the possibility of some young adult mistaking you, a 108kg straight male, for a prom queen lesbian, or something when the night has just begun, where for, does one go to listen to their iPod library or similar music, without the deejay terrorism, of hip hop hooray and gangster beats, where can you find the pure enjoyment of the music, and dance a bit in a cool way, without the chemical militia coming in and saying, it's our right to party, where, can you be safe around places, are there any deejays out there committed to performing straight and safely, with a sober attitude, or any rock bands, for that matter, that aren't strumming the guitar with lines of white powder accompanying back stage?
Some might say, go to your school concert, and you'll find that there, but could there equally be a lesson-ed few of those individuals, that may have come out of the experience without needing to overdose, or vanish into the shadows of the dark arts???
If you are a promoter, musician or dancer, or maybe even a deejay or music appreciator, I'd be really interested in hearing of any venues, if they do exist, out there in Sydney, or in other countries, where there is something else, than a bar to serve drinks, and the dreaded ladies toilets, etc, I wonder, is there any music venue where the toilets are kept clean, and free from people doing lines, on the tops of urinals, etc, that would be nice, I think if we could aspire for that sort of experience with tickets, and festivals, don't you agree?

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