Saturday, September 20, 2014

What does spelling and punctuation have to do with Fashion?

In view of Joan Rivers Ref: Wiki and Robin Williams Ref: Wiki passing away in 2014, I have total respect for their lives, and I believe the world mourns for their loss. I remember watching Jumanji, Aladdin, Fashion Police, Night at the Museum, and Red Carpet award critiques on E just to name a few examples of their presence and how it was broadcast here in Australia and abroad.

Therefore in this blog article, I have decided to delve in to the intricate fabric of fashion and ostensible writing of knowledge of fashion, fabrics, and particularly - menswear. Now most of the time, I am in a pair of joggers, and tracksuit pants, or pants with room for activities like Yoga and Tai Chi, I think that the classic Chinese outfit for these activities known in the following site examples... what to wear for Tai Chi seems to indicate what I mean vaguely, for me this is hard to find, particularly in a foreigner size, this size issue has meant I have improvised and opted for a western look Western options for Yoga such as this example from Myer, although I must stress that the model for the previous link is showing a great deal of upper body and slightly too tight fitting, which I would never do, or contemplate in public. When choosing clothing - I always want something that is durable and wears well, doesn't pill or lose threads, and is comfortable when doing some walking and transportation activities.

Back to Robin Williams: I personally feel sad for his loss, an amazing actor who managed to do some fantastic stand ups, he was popular, and this means, who will entertain us now? Justin Bieber Ref: Wiki, Miley Cyrus Ref: Wiki? I think we have more options than just music, surely and hope we can embrace gaming and wildlife. After watching the film Underdog only recently Imbd ref for Underdog movie, the world and fashion seems to have shifted into a state of wanting a Superhero, and that seems to be evident for the moment.

I hope your pants don't split when you next do your Pilates Ref: Wiki , Yoga or Aerobics class. _ was here.

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