Monday, May 18, 2015

Overclocking and speeding up CPU and GPUs

Recently I had the opportunity to speed up some computer speed using my old IBM R32, an archaic machine that has an old Pentium IV processor, came across a useful tool called Powerstrip which sped up the GPU Ati Mobile Radeon GPU which has only 16MB of Graphics Core, with approximately a slight manufacturer safe over-clock, the machine has a new lease of life, and can run older games, and run the web and graphics a little more smoothly.

For most people this is something that is best left to the bench-markers and specialists out there, but for me, this old brick was so slow and constantly upgrading itself, it became slightly slow, even doing Windows maintenance tasks, and using the infamous old Win XP, I found that the computer, seems to be running well and typing well, using Windows maintenance tasks, and a Ram disk.

My suggestion if you over-clock is to do some testing and get a CPU and GPU temperature program, that will tell you whether you need to fan the notebook, or whether the machine will fry under pressure. In some cases the over-clocked graphics card will actually make the fan and CPU run cooler, but Powerstrip should only be used with extreme caution.

Most people I have met when their computer slows down, assume that it is a hardware issue, however some would be surprised to find that the software not the BIOS can over-clock and this is something rare and unusual depending on your set-up. Of course if you have a tower you need to protect the motherboard and so forth from dust, I recommend vacuum from a distance as you tweak your hardware, because the dust can grit into your fan, unless you have a heat sink for a peripheral which in that case, could cause a fire worst case.

Until next time, signing off from Camp Davo and happy computing!


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